BookView Review: How Did I Do That?: A Life of Risk and Reward by Bill Dutcher

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Dutcher & Company

Pub date November 5, 2021

ISBN 978-1736582626

Price $19.52 (USD) Kindle edition, $20.00 Paperback, $52.00 Hardcover

Dutcher strikes a skillful balance between the personal and the professional in this engrossing memoir, chronicling the journey of his extraordinary life. He details his childhood in the family’s Oklahoma home during the 1950s, his school and university years, his various career stints—from a newspaper journalist, a job in public relations at the University, four years of Navy service in the Philippines and the Pentagon, a speech writer, a Washington lobbyist, CFO for a company to founding his own oil and gas company along with a real estate development business, and his quixotic-over-sixty basketball career that gave him the opportunity to play against the world-famous, star basketball players. Dutcher also narrates his struggles, both personal and professional, the mistakes he made, the opportunities he missed, and the hurdles life threw his way. Family and close friends, intriguing personal anecdotes, and life-altering episodes occupy a significant part of the narrative. In addition to plenty of behind-the-scenes basketball details, Dutcher deftly captures the feeling of being an eternally youthful, driven person who has no desire to let age come in his way. On the surface, this is a memoir that chronicles the author’s seventy-eight years of life. Yet it goes more deeply into the examination of life in general, familial relationships, death, and loss while celebrating courage, determination, perseverance, drive, and positive attitude. A must-read.


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