BookView Review: The Big Day by Terry Lee Caruthers

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Star Bright Books

Pub date October 30, 2020

ISBN 978-1595729149

Price $9.40 (USD) Hardcover, $6.99 Paperback

Author inetrview

Caruthers brings the historical day of September 6, 1919 in Knoxville, Tennessee alive as the first Black woman casts her vote for the first time. Young Tansy is not too pleased when Big Mama asks her to wake up early and get ready. But it’s a big day, and Tansy is supposed to be wearing her best dress today. What could be special about the day? Tansy has no idea as she accompanies Big Mama on her way out. As they reach their destination, Tansy learns Big Mama is voting for the first time. Based on Agnes Sadler, the first Black woman to vote in Knoxville, Tennessee, Caruthers tells the story in age-appropriate, measured narrative that support its swiftly paced, thrilling revelations. All the exciting scenes of the story are drawn with skill, spotlighting the propulsive action amid Tansy’s growing excitement. Visually interesting full-color illustrations by Robert Casilla are pleasing to eyes as they bring the characters and the setting to life. Backmatter includes interesting historical facts and photographs of persons and places of interest, including pictures of Agnes Sadler and others involved in the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Also included are newspaper articles covering the timeline of the Movement. Informative and breathlessly paced, the book makes for a stunner.


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