BookView Review: A Perfect Night (The Haunted Women Book 1) by Joseph Stone

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Pub date June 17, 2022


Price $3.95 (USD) Kindle edition

Author interview

It was a scary night when Frances Tarantin’s mother lost her life to a car accident. But Loretta’s spirit has never left her daughter’s side. So, when Fran moves with her aunt’s family, Loretta’s spirit stays with her to do her motherly duty; love her, protect her, and discipline her. But life is hell with bullying cousins. When Fran’s paternal grand aunt Aurora Ciconne declares her as her heir, Fran thinks she has finally gotten a chance at a normal life. But she’s unaware of the family curse that has plagued the family for generations. Stone excels at atmospheric unease, and his prose is lush, descriptive, and intelligent. The Rizzos’ family drama is plausibly presented, and the elements of horror fascinates. There’s sharp observation and tender emotion while the relentless twists and shocking revelations keep the reader on the edge of their seats. Alternating between different timelines, the smoothly paced narrative beautifully conveys the two protagonists’ backstories. Supernatural intrigue abounds, and so does human drama. Along the way, Stone asks keen questions about identity, trauma, survival, the nature of truth, family, love, relationships, and what it means to be courageous while tackling family secrets, toxic masculinity, and mental and sexual abuse with incisive clarity and candor. Fusing tight plotting, measured pacing, subtly wrought interpersonal dynamic, and rich, atmospheric worldbuilding, Stone has created an undeniable page-turner.


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