BookView Review: Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse: Someone’s Survival Guide by Michelle Dickey

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Genre: Self-Help; Psychology; Domestic Abuse; Christian faith-based

Publisher: Independently Published

Retail Price: $14.99 paperback / $11 ebook

Page Count: 73

Author interview

Dickey offers survivors of narcissism helpful guidance for self-protection, resolution, and complete healing in her latest book. She states that narcissistic people are everywhere to find. They could be your romantic partner, friend, co-worker, or family member. To deal with narcissism, you need to be aware of the abuse that they direct on you. Drawing on her personal experience, including her romantic relationships, friendships, and experience with co-workers, Dickey helps the reader recognize the telltale signs of narcissistic behavior along with the long-lasting effects of this emotional abuse, and how it all ties into the spiritual battle between narcissists and empaths. Arguing that narcissism is a spiritual disorder, Dickey says the only cure for narcissism is Jesus. She stresses that all of us engage in some narcissistic behavior due to societal influence, but when we learn those behaviors are the ones for the wicked, we repent. But a true psychopath is unable to differentiate between right and wrong. Filled with wisdom and insights, Dickey’ writing provides the tools you need to validate the effects of narcissistic abuse. She offers a transformative path both for victims and survivors, creating guidelines for resolution. The book will help you to release and heal the pain and claim a new life, while navigating your path toward liberation and personal empowerment.


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