BookView Review: Skylark Dancing by Olivia Godat

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date: May 10, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-63988-288-5

Price: 18.99

Page Count: 328

Genre: Southern, Western, Historical Romance

Keywords: fiction, history, romance, love, family, texas history, mexico

Author interview

Daring escapades, courage, endearing camaraderie, and true love are at the forefront of Godat’s engrossing Western romance. After her foster mother dies, the lovely Alondra wants nothing but to go to St. Louis to find her birth family. When she meets the handsome Felipe, a rancher from New Mexico, she sees it as an opportunity to travel to St. Louis. But with Captain Baca of the Mexican army on the pair’s trail, their journey to New Mexico becomes impossibly dangerous. Accompanied by Lalo and Clory, their two companions, the pair race across Texas while trying to stay alive. Godat’s strong-willed, multidimensional protagonists feel remarkably real with their credible hidden depths: Courageous and resilient Alondra makes for an endearing heroine; Felipe, with his integrity and graciousness, is equally compelling; Lalo and Clory are complete darlings. The foursome’s solid camaraderie drives the narrative. Godat’s skillful use of period details and Mexican-American War landscape lend plenty of atmosphere to accompany the lessons of love, integrity, honor, courage, and resilience amid hardship. The storyline is intriguing, plotting seamless, and Felipe and Alondra’s slow-burning romance delicious. Add in sharp dialogue and keen insights on gender disparity, democracy, and class restrictions, and you have the makings of an entertaining Western romance. A sure-shot hit.


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