BookView Review: Daisy’s Adventures in Love by Nikki Sitch

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Daisy’s Adventures in Love

Nikki Sitch

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Sitch returns with another witty chick-lit, taking readers on Daisy’s journey to true love and happiness. Daisy’s Adventures in Love picks up where Love, Lust & WTF left off: David is gone for good, but Brad is back, and Daisy knows he is the one. As the two families come closer, the new complications arise, threatening the couple’s dream of getting together. The relationship between Daisy and Brad sizzles (their delicious sexual chemistry is a bonus) while also reflecting the cautionary nature of mature love. Their journey from online dates to lovers and friends is a delight to watch. Both Brad and Daisy’s inner dialogue makes for fun monologues that highlight their understandable but frustrating inability to move things along at a quicker pace. Watching the pair struggling with their individual family problems grows tiresome as things drag on, but Sitch’s skills with characterization shine through. Her keen eye for detail as she creates realistic, relatable characters keeps the reader engaged. Through Sara and Brad’s story, she beautifully captures the complexities of messy separation and divorce. The secondary characters, particularly Kari’s well-wrought emotional struggles complement the main storyline. Sitch hits all the right notes with this smart, witty chick-lit.


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