BookView Review: Kick Ball Slay: An Introduction to West Coast Swing… AND a Murder Mystery by Doug Dorsey

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Studio 15 Publishing, Inc.

Pub date March 23, 2022

ISBN 979-8985695335

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

Ingenious plotting, plausible characterization, and atmospheric prose mark Dorsey’s latest. When a series of murder rocks the very foundation of the West Coast Swing dance competition, Detective Evann Myrick knows there is much more to the killings than it looks on the surface. As he begins to look into the inner workings of the dance competition, he unravels a world rife with hidden secrets, deep jealousy, deadly competition, and powerful conflicts. And the killer is too clever to leave a trace. Scintillating suspense surrounds the series of killings as the stakes rise for Myrick and the dancers in the competition he is trying to protect. Dorsey excels at creating tension and suspense, and Myrick’s struggle to get over Riley’s Death feels naturally driven by deep, painful emotions. There’s no shortage of suspects, given the contest features a large group of dancers and the killer is one of the insiders. The pace never feels forced, and Dorsey does a masterly job of selecting the significant detail. He is equally good at juggling the different possibilities. Throughout, he delves into subjects of power struggle, greed, jealousy, grief, regret, and faith. The final reveal is both deeply shocking and wholly satisfying. Readers will be riveted from the very first page. Deviously delicious.


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