BookView Review: Make America Beautiful Again by Bo Bancroft

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Pub date September 16, 2021

ISBN 978-1737546405

Price $14.95 Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

Bancroft’s first-class adrenaline fest offers a fascinating satire of the jaded bureaucratic practices and absurd human anguish. When one hundred bombs detonate along Georgia’s interstate highways attacking some of the billboards owned by the Veteran Outdoor Advertising of the Worthington family, Inspector Seamus O’Reilly of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation finds himself investigating the case. But with mounting political pressure and involvement of a White Supremacist fringe group, the investigation becomes more than complicated. And to add to the complication, Seamus develops a strange fondness for the Worthington siblings. He must put aside his personal prejudices if he wants to solve the case. The zany plot is a twirling expedition of unexpected events, all crafted with aplomb and wry wit. Bancroft packs in plenty of humor and some nicely poignant moments, and Seamus’s investigation creates enough tension and suspense to keep readers turning pages fast. Readers will root for the determined detective as he strives to overcome his inexperience and get to the root of the mystery. There is examination of some weighty ideas here, such as racial prejudice, intolerance, intricacies of marriage and familial relationships, dreams, desires, and individual goals. With its wild fusion of individual struggles and political intrigue, the novel keeps the pages turning. Bancroft is definitely an author to watch.


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