BookView Review: Skyrmion: Book One of the Sweetland Quartet by Duane Poncy

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Pub date May 6th 2022

ISBN 9798986152318

Price $17.95 (USD) Paperback, $7.95 Kindle edition

Author interview

Poncy’s cyberpunk adventure, the debut installment in the Sweetland Quartet series, is pitch perfect, pulse-pounding adventure rife with high action, tension, and poignant human emotions. Joe Larivee is living his life trying to make ends meet. When his fourteen-year-old daughter Jesse goes missing, Joe has no option but venture into New Life for the first time, create an avatar, and navigate his way through impossible dangers to save his daughter. But with his villainous ex-wife and the FBI on his trail, Joe must tread carefully or risk losing everything he loves. The plot unfolds slowly due to an intricate storyline and numerous characters but remains deeply engrossing. Awe-inspiring technological advances, high stake action scenes, and hard-edged setting make for a page-turning reading. Poncy’s strength lies in the palpable, high tension he creates between friends and enemies. There’s plenty of action and loads of suspense. Threads about the mystery of Sweetland and the dying Planet Earth propel the intricate, action-filled plot as Joe comes to find purpose in his life. The result is a taut, emotional tale that will leave series fans eager for the next one in the series. Readers will be wowed.


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