BookView Review: Conquergood & the Center of the Intelligible Mystery of Being by CG Fewston

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date October 17, 2022


Price $5.99 (USD) KIndle edition

Set in the far-future, Fewston’s original and deeply engrossing SF tale finds a young man struggling to locate his missing twin brother. It is 2183. The post-apocalyptic world has changed: the mega-corporate and governmental entity, the Korporation, governs the law. Jerome Conquergood is homeless, roaming the abandoned and crumbling skyscrapers of Old York City when he is invited to join the Korporation as a member of the Turnkey Akweesitions Department. Despite his immense hatred for the governmental entity, Jerome gladly accepts the offer, hoping to locate his missing twin brother. The story starts on a stiff note but picks up momentum soon. Jerome’s journey to self-realization, which is hard-won, reflecting, and intricate, takes the forefront. There’s palpable tension and intrigue as Jerome makes his moves and gains knowledge about both the Korporation and his identity. The pace clips along nicely, and the small cast enjoys transecting character development arcs. Aside from Jerome’s ongoing story, Vincent’s storyline and the brothers’ family backstory add emotional stakes on top of the physical. The worldbuilding is authentic, and the intriguing theme, technological wonders, and spot-on relevance to present-day societal and ethical issues provide plenty of adrenaline. Fewston infuses the familiar genre tropes with raw urgency, keeping the reader guessing to the end. A must-read for morally serious readers of dystopia.


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