BookView Review: Late in the Day by Brett Shapiro

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Genre: Literary Fiction

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Pub date: Oct 21, 2022

Retail Price: $19.99 Trade Paperback

ISBN-13: ‎9781639885336

Page Count: 358

Distribution: Ingram

Author interview


Shapiro’s compelling novel examines questions of aging, loneliness, and coming to terms with grief. Recently widowed Hank Bauer is finding it hard to come to terms with the passing of his beloved wife Marilyn. After more than two decades of spending his life with Yoni, Seth Erlich calls it quits and leaves the familiarity of New York for Florida. Honey Cavanaugh is struggling in an unhappy marriage with Glen. When their paths collide, their lives suddenly take a sharp turn. Shapiro ably traces in the minutiae of each small moment of his protagonists’ lives while delving into their inability to come to terms with their past, their longings and regrets, and the insecurities of aging. Over the course of the narrative, readers engage with the challenge of loneliness, grief, pain, and regret. Shapiro ably captures a sense of place, and his poignant writing and sharp wit combined with his ability to skillfully handle his small cast and snapshots across different timelines make readers thoroughly invested in the story. Throughout, there are beautifully crafted moments of tenderness between the three protagonists. With his keen understanding of the human psyche and compassionate eye, Shapiro makes the trio’s story deeply affecting, providing a profoundly moving view of the future touched by the past. A poignant novel about aging and companionship that will greatly appeal to lovers of literary fiction.


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