Book Review: O C E A N by Anastasia Lindsey

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Publication Date: December 20, 2022

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 978-1639887057

List Price: $22.99 USD Trade Paperback

Page Count: 256

Audience: Adult

Lindsey delves into physical and interior landscapes of the human psyche to explore the raw nature of love in her poignant debut. The book is divided into four sections: Deep Waters, Wading, the Shore, and Sand Castles, and deals primarily with human connection and love, be it romantic, emotional, or spiritual. Several poems vividly convey the regenerative nature of love, and some crystallize moments of intimacy (“I trace your body with my breath/ and your eyes close – like you’re falling back asleep/ but the brewing coffee aroma slides under the crack of our door/ just as you slide into me/ you, me, and coffee – add some sex therapy”). As a poet, she captures her inability to put her thoughts in words while making conversation: “as a poet, I sometimes forget how to speak/ like the words are tangled in my mind/ and on my tongue/ I have the words and here they are/ but…/ they are dressed in stringy lace/ and knots are created – like the one currently in my throat.” Other poems highlight the pain and the heartbreak, an essential part of being in love. Among the book’s many muses, meditation and the transforming state of healing, are strong presences, as well as introspection, acceptance, and gratitude. Readers will revel in this collection at once reflective and poignant.


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