Book Review: The Talking Forest: Tree Runes for a New Millennium by Kay Broome

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Pub date May 9, 2022

ISBN 978-1777117016

Price $25.00 (USD) Paperback, $7.99 Kindle edition

Author interview

Broome’s fascinating debut is an innovative runic array that beautifully captures the image and character of Canada’s majestic native trees. The book comprises a set of 42 runes based on Canada’s native trees from Ivy, Reed, Birch to Buckeye, Maple, Willow to the masculine Oak among others and covers their fascinating history, mythology, and spiritual significance. Declaring that divination is one tool that can help us move toward spiritual rebirth and a bonding with Mother Earth, Broome states that a system of augury based on local tree species can help provide a subconscious link to the entities they represent, unlocking their secrets of wisdom and harmony, and thus can be used as a tool for personal growth and spiritual transformation.  Ordered in a sequence corresponding to the human life cycle, each of the entries is complete with detailed physical, historical, and spiritual traits. Readers will revel in the rich folklore surrounding these plants (there’s this delightful Danish belief that to walk under an elder bush at midnight on Midsummer’s Eve would render up a vision of the Fairy King and his retinue riding off to the hunt; the Ainu of Japan believed the human backbone was made of Willow; in Rome, narcotics such as Belladonna, Henbane and Opium Poppy were added to wine as stimulants along with water, surprisingly, to avoid “becoming drunk too quickly”). Meticulously crafted and fascinating, the book serves as an excellent guide for those wishing to understand and utilize tree runes. A definite winner.


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