Book Review: Blackwater: A Dalton Drake Novel by Paul Vincent Jacuzzi

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blackwater: A Dalton Drake Novel

Paul Vincent Jacuzzi

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A former CSIS agent and lethal field operator is tasked with leading a multinational team to track down a group of radical terrorists and foil their sinister plan in this superb debut installment in the Dalton Drake series by Jacuzzi. Former CSIS agent Dalton Drake is content running his own intelligence firm in Winnipeg, Canada. When one of his former colleagues, who dies under suspicious circumstances, succeeds in raising alarm about an old adversary being still alive, Drake immediately begins to look into the possibility. Soon weapons-grade Cold War materials surface in North Africa, prompting the authorities to assign Drake to track down the terrorists. Drake and his team must race against time if they want to stop the criminals before their dangerous plan is carried out. Based on actual historical events, places, specific details, and in some cases, actual commercial enterprises, the novel is rich in spycraft. Jacuzzi treats readers with intriguing storyline, sharp, memorable dialogue, and far-reaching emotional consequences, and he couples well-crafted action scenes with a thoughtful examination of his protagonist’s personality: Drake’s conflicted emotions about having permanent mate, his tortured past, and his determined attempts to make good are rooted in reality. A bloody conspiracy story with human touch that delivers on all fronts.


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