Book review: Beyond the Shadows by DeAnn Daley Holcomb

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Publication Date: March 20, 2023

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Crime Fiction, Thriller

ISBN: 978-1-63988-721-7

List Price: $14.99 USD Trade Paperback

Page Count: 242

A homicide detective races against time to catch a serial killer while trying to protect the woman he loves in Holcomb’s latest novel. A killer is loose in the streets of Dallas, Texas. Television news reporter Claire McKenzie takes it upon herself to warn the public about the killer known as the ‘Smiley Face Murderer’ and report the latest information about the investigation. Detective Lance Harris, a homicide detective with Dallas police, is assigned the investigation. As he begins to look into the case, he realizes Claire, his former lover, knows the killer personally. Will he be able to catch the murderer before Claire becomes the latest target? Holcomb populates this fast-paced story with engagingly flawed characters and high tension. Readers will revel in the dynamic between Claire and Lance whose strained relationship gradually changes. The several moving parts of the plot, which include a series of brutal killings, immaculately scattered red herrings, a neat police investigation, media’s involvement, and the heroine’s life-and-death encounter with the killer, smash together to keep the pages flying. The story ends on a satisfying note though the epilogue hints at another installment in the making. For readers seeking an escapist read for an airplane or train journey, this perfectly fits the bill.


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