BookView review: Mattison Mouse Counts by Raven Howell

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Raven Howell (Author), Keeshan Defay (Illustrator)

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Pub date May 10, 2023

ISBN  978-1958842034

Price $11.99 (USD) Paperback, $9.99 Kindle edition

Author interview

Howell’s charming counting book uses rhyming verses and a large cast of jungle animals to tell a little mouse’s delightful story. It’s a beautiful day. Mattison Mouse is happily taking a stroll in the jungle when he hears mysterious footsteps behind him. Frightened, he picks his pace and tries to count animals who appear to be shadowing him. As the number keeps increasing, Mattison trips and lands in the middle of a mouse meeting and learns the animals chasing him are actually there to celebrate his birthday. The book introduces youngsters to a host of other jungle animals, while giving them the opportunity to practice counting on the way. “Oh no! Was he being chased by…/ (bump… bump…bump…)/ 1 Elephant/ 2 Kangaroos/ 3 Lions/ 4 Bears/ 5 Horses, ” writes Howell, as the number for every new group of animals keeps increasing, and little Mattison’s anxiety begins to escalate. Amplifying the book’s comic delight, Keeshan Defay’s accompanied vibrant illustrations are set against bright, jungle backgrounds: whether the animals are simply trotting, hopping in the grass, jumping off tree branches, galloping in the wind, or leaping high, they exude personality and charm. Howell’s delightful story of Mattison mouse will appeal to youngsters—as well as the particular idea that sometimes, keeping calm and paying attention can help overcome silly anxieties. A charmer.


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